5 Essential Waterproofing Tips for Your Upcoming Roofing Project

20 June 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Before embarking on your roofing and waterproofing project, you must consider various factors like sustainability, roofing sizes, roofing style and aesthetics to achieve success. When waterproofing your roof, the numerous design approaches and considerations can seem overwhelming. Ideally, waterproofing systems require expert design and construction to prevent potential risks and ensure a longer-lasting roof. This post discusses five waterproofing tips for a successful roofing project. 

Begin by Picking Between Adhered or Loose-Laid Roofing

Waterproofing systems can either be adhered to or loose-laid. Therefore, it's imperative to choose a system that makes the most sense for your project to achieve optimal performance. When comparing the two, loose-laid systems have roofing pieces placed on top of each other to attain a layered waterproofing assembly. While the bonded elements in adhered assembly provide more performance benefits, loose-laid systems have a lightweight advantage, are less costly and allow quick installation. 

Proper Upfront Costs Promote Excellent Life Cycle Costs

Keeping a keen eye on the nitty-gritty details during the design phase is essential for achieving greater life cycle costs and performance. Thus, focus on quality control when designing your waterproofing assembly for success. 

Consider High-Quality and Well-Tested Waterproofing Systems 

High-quality physical properties offer excellent value for your waterproofing applications. Pick durable membranes with higher resistance to wear, tear and tensile stress that causes other waterproofing membranes to easily damage or fail. Generally, opt for waterproofing systems that are designed for greater longevity, promoting cost savings.

Inspect Your Final Waterproofing Project 

Inspecting your waterproofing project should never be overlooked and must be done carefully. Roof inspections help identify potential errors you might have made along the way. You can also work with a professional waterproofing expert for more insights. When done, you will be glad that your roof will remain leak-free and durable for years. 

Work with a Single Vendor for All Material Supply Needs

One secret for success when working on your roofing and waterproofing project is working with a reputable vendor or supplier. Choosing a single vendor for all your roofing and waterproofing materials can help you save more money and minimise unnecessary hassles and time wastage. A reliable vendor will help integrate both systems into a comprehensive package that will benefit your overall project. Regardless of the waterproofing system you need, a dependable vendor can offer a custom solution to meet your requirements.

These are the five essential waterproofing tips to help you when planning your next roofing project. Work with a vendor who offers waterproofing supplies in your area.