Shower Drain Unblocking Tips: Hair Removal Cream

23 October 2015
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If you find yourself wading in smelly drain water while you're taking a shower, your drain may be clogged up with hair. Sometimes, you can fix this by grabbing visible hair on top of the drain plug and pulling it out, or you may be able to dig carefully into the drain with an unbent coat hanger to pull out clumps near the surface. However, sometimes hair clumps get stuck further down in the drain's pipe, and you can't get to them to remove them. Read More 

Five Tips for Safely Plumbing Natural Gas to Your BBQ Grill

21 September 2015
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Plumbing your grill with a natural gas line is a great way to avoid having to buy charcoal or propane all the time, but this endeavor can be dangerous. Before you start, take a look at these safety tips. They will help you plumb natural gas to your grill without risking accident or injury: 1. Do not hook natural gas lines to propane grills. Unless you know for sure that your grill can accommodate a natural gas line, do not connect it to one. Read More