Two Myths About Elevated Decks

22 April 2022
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Here are two myths about elevated decks.

Elevated deck construction is much costlier than ground-level deck construction

One myth about elevated decks that can put homeowners off building them is that they're much more expensive to construct than ones that are built on the ground. The truth is that whilst the construction of an elevated deck may require more building materials than one of the same size that's built at ground level (as contractors have to build pillars for an elevated deck and may also need to add a barrier around it that might not be needed for a deck that was built on the ground), this doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be more expensive.

For example, if a person has a budget of $3,000 for their deck construction project and is unsure whether they want a ground-level deck or an elevated one, they could build the latter for the same price as the former, if their contractor used slightly more affordable materials to create the elevated deck. Using more materials that are a little less expensive than the fewer, but more expensive materials needed for a ground-level deck would mean that the total cost would be similar.

It should also be noted that even if an elevated deck is built with affordable materials, this doesn't mean that it will be inferior, in terms of its longevity or appearance, to a ground-level deck that's made with more expensive materials, as the overall quality of a deck is determined in large part by the skills and creativity of the contractor who makes it.

Elevated decks are more hazardous than ground-level ones

Another myth about elevated decks is that they're more hazardous than ground-level ones. This is something that might make homeowners who are very safety conscious more hesitant to build these decks. However, if a person wants an elevated deck but has this concern, they shouldn't let it stop them from having one built. First and foremost, a contractor will always build an elevated deck so that it meets the associated safety regulations. As such, when built in this way, there is virtually no chance of, for example, this type of deck suddenly collapsing or of its barrier falling off.

Secondly, if a person wants to make their elevated deck even safer, their contractor can help them to do this. For example, whilst all elevated decks have barriers around them, homeowners who are concerned about someone falling over this barrier can have their contractor build one that's taller than standard and is made from a material that's very difficult to climb (such as glass, for example). 

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