Two Situations in Which You Should Put a Skylight Window in a Room

22 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Here are two situations in which it would be worth having a contractor fit a skylight window in a room.

The room's wall windows don't allow much light to come in

Sometimes, it's necessary to put skylight windows in rooms because the windows in the rooms' walls don't provide much natural light. This can happen if there are dense trees or other buildings positioned very close to the wall windows. If you have a room like this and it's on the top floor (or you have a single-storey property), then putting a skylight in could be useful.

The skylight could brighten up this space during the day, which would not only make it look lighter and more welcoming but would also enable you to use this room in the daytime, without having to keep lamps or ceiling lights switched on. Not having to use electric light sources quite as often in this room could make both your electricity bill and your carbon footprint a little smaller. Over time, the savings you generate by not using artificial lights to excess in this room could exceed the cost of purchasing the skylight and having it fitted.

Your kitchen has a very small window

If your kitchen has a small window, then it might be sensible to get a contractor to put a skylight in its ceiling. The reason for this is that, in addition to allowing natural light to enter a room, windows serve a second, equally important function: they provide a source of ventilation. In a kitchen, ventilation is vital for many reasons. It prevents condensation build-up when foods are cooked and the kettle is boiled (which, in turn, stops the's kitchen walls, window dressings and other surfaces from getting mouldy) and it ensures that the strong cooking smells that occur when foods like fish and meat are cooked don't linger.

If your kitchen window is tiny, it might not ventilate the room as much as you need it to, even when it's wide open. In this situation, fitting a large skylight could be a good idea. Its position on the ceiling would mean that the steam that rises upward from any saucepans on the stove or from the boiling kettle would go out through this opening, whilst its generous size would ensure that even in instances where your food preparation tasks create a lot of steam, most of it will still leave the room via this window.