Should You Repair or Replace Your Floor Trusses?

15 July 2016
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Floor trusses are incredible support systems that help keep the floor sturdy and durable. Open web trusses are used to run HVAC, plumbing and electric wiring through the floor and out of sight without compromising the structural integrity of the floor. Most floor trusses are usually made from wood or timber and are bound to require repairs or replacement at some point. How do you determine whether you need to repair or replace your current floor trusses? Here are some key factors that should guide you in the process.

The age of the building

Is the building a new or old construction? New or recently constructed buildings are ideal candidates for floor truss repair due to various reasons:

  • Design plans for newly built buildings are usually readily available. A designer can use the plans to evaluate the defects and design and execute repairs.
  • The truss plates can be easily identified in new and recent construction. This makes it easy to contact the manufacturer for information on the truss plates so as to come up with a plan for repairs.

When it comes to old construction, design plans may not be available, and the identification of truss plates may be impossible. In these cases, it is more efficient and time-saving to have the trusses replaced to avoid subsequent cumbersome repairs.

Cause of damage

If trusses are structurally weak around a particular area of the floor, they can easily be repaired. Also, broken webs and trusses that are not correctly stubbed can be fixed with minimal effort. However, extensive damages resulting from fire or collapse of trusses require replacement of the trusses. Here is the reason why.

  • Collapsed trusses can cause hidden damage and structural stress to other trusses. The damage may go unnoticed and result in structural problems later.
  • There may be too many broken trusses after the collapse, making the repair work challenging and time-consuming.
  • In the case of a fire, some trusses may suffer structural instability due to high temperatures. This can result in the collapse of these trusses if they aren't replaced.

Cost of repair or replacement

Let your contractor carry out an inspection of the job site and quantify the damage.  If the cost of replacing the trusses is higher than repairing, you should opt for repairs. However, you should have the other factors above in mind to ensure that you do not end up having another round of repairs that will cost you even more than installing new trusses.

Trusses are valuable floor support structures, and when their integrity is compromised, it is essential to know whether to undertake repairs or replace a section of the truss system or the entire thing. Have these tips in mind when choosing the ideal solution for your building.