Home Extensions: Why You Should Consider Your Neighbours Before Applying for Building Approval

12 July 2016
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You may need to think about your neighbours as you plan for a home extension. Such consideration may increase your chances of getting building approval from the local planning authority. This article discusses some of the aspects that you should consider including in your building plan so that you address the possible interests of your neigbours.

Utility Lines

Some home extensions, such as building an extra room, may require extra space to accommodate additional plumbing features, such as sewer lines. You should ensure that your building plan does not place those facilities in the way of the utility lines of your neighbours. For instance, the planning authority may reject your request for building approval if you intend to construct a sewer tank close to the underground utility lines supplying utilities to your neighbours. This is because any problem with your sewer lines may cut off the supply of utilities to your neighbours.

Property Lines

You may also increase the chances of getting building approval by ensuring that the proposed extension does not go beyond the boundaries of your property. Some areas may even have regulations governing how much clearance should exist between developments on adjoining properties. Thinking about your neighbours as you plan for a home extension can help you to address the property line issues that planning authorities consider before granting building approval.

Dangers of Excavation Works

You may still need to consider your neighbours even if the building extension is going to be within the confines of your property. This is because the construction work may involve excavation work, such as during the digging of a foundation for the extra bedroom that you want to build. Such excavation may affect the stability of the soil in your neighbours' properties. Any resultant instability may cause the houses of the neighbours to shift or crack. Planning authorities may pay special attention to the measures that you intend to use to prevent such negative effects on neighbouring properties. It is therefore advisable for you to include the mechanisms that you will implement, such as shoring the walls of the excavation site, to protect the neighbours' properties from the risks posed by the construction work at your home. Such forethought may increase your chances of getting building approval.

There could be many more issues that you may be expected to put into account as you plan to add an extension to your home. It is therefore better to get professional help so that the experts take care of all those requirements. This will free you from the burden of trying to address all the complicated issues that require attention before building approval is granted.

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