Building a verandah or carport with a pitched roof has added use

6 July 2016
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Usually a carport and a verandah will have a flat roof, because this is the most practical and usually cost-effective alternative. It is possible, though, for you to choose to have a pitched roof over your verandah and carport. The relatively higher cost of a pitched roof has its own added value for you as the homeowner, because it opens the possibility of space that can be used for aesthetic or practical reasons.

Maintain the look and feel of your home

If your house has a pitched roof, by constructing a verandah and a carport with pitched roofs, you will make sure that these additions blend in with the look and feel of your house. It is not necessary that the roofs match the height and angle of the pitch of your house. This is likely to be impractical and unnecessary. You can have a roof with a low pitch that will give the illusion of matching the main pitch and maintain the design of your whole house.

Use the added space for storage

A pitched roof needs eaves to maintain the height and shape of the roofing cover, which means that you will have space above your verandah and carport that can be used.

The eaves of a pitched carport roof offer useful storage space. You can store garden and household items like step ladders, rakes and brooms in this space, either resting on the roof beams themselves, or on hooks or cradles specially inserted for this purpose. Suspending large and small leisure equipment like kayaks, bicycles and tennis racquets from the roof beams of the carport is also possible.

A verandah is often a space used for relaxing. You can use the space in the roof of your verandah as space to store the cushions for your outdoor furniture. By attaching some flat boards to the roof beams, you can construct a storage space in the roof area where you can keep board games. You will need to have a step ladder built in for easy access.

Adapt the space for aesthetic appeal

If you have a pitched roof over your verandah, it gives you the opportunity to suspend  hanging plant baskets or artwork from the beams. You can also place lights strategically in the roof to light the space attractively, adding to the appeal of the verandah as an entertainment space, or simply a pleasing area to relax in after dark.

You are not likely to be concerned about the aesthetic appeal of the inside of your carport roof. However, if you do choose to use this area as a covered space to barbecue or entertain when it is raining, you have ample space to place lights or to hang decorations for a special occasion.