Why You Should Consider Having a Custom Home Built

30 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have purchased land for your dream home, you might currently be deciding between a prefab or production home, or a custom home. Here are some of the bigger advantages to choosing a custom home.

You Have Full Control Over Your Budget

When you have a custom home built, you pick and choose everything about the home, from special features to the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the materials being used. While it can seem like this would be more expensive, there are actually some cost effective benefits. Since you are choosing each individual component of the home, it makes it easier to stay within your budget. With a production home, there might be expensive features or amenities you don't really need, but are forced to pay more for. With a custom home, you can cut costs as much as possible based on the materials you choose.

You Can Customise it for Unique Needs

You and your family might have some unique needs that require adjusting some of the features of the home. Instead of trying to complete complicated renovations, you can have the home built just how you need it from the very beginning. For example, it is often hard to find a large home that is all one story, but with a custom home, you can work with the contractor to have a beautiful home without a second story. This is ideal if you have a disabled person in your home or if your dog has arthritis and can't make it up the stairs. Speaking of people with disabilities, you might have a need for special features for a physical ailment or senior person living in your home, which is easier to do when having the home custom-built.

It Allows You to Have a More Energy-Efficient Home

Also consider the fact that when having a custom home built, you have full control over how green the home is. This means you can install cool roofing materials and solar panels to get natural energy and better insulation of your home, install the most energy-efficient windows you can find, and use recycled or sustainable building materials as needed. Let your contractor know that having a more eco-friendly home is important to you, and they will do their best to meet your needs. This is yet another benefit of having a completely custom-made home as opposed to a semi-custom or a production home.