Tips to Follow When Remodeling a Commercial Space

23 June 2016
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Remodeling a commercial building allows you to improve its functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing a better environment for both employees and customers. However, it is important that you follow the right steps and keep certain things in mind during the process. Here are some things to do when you are remodeling your commercial space.

Get the Building Permits First

Before you do any type of renovations on your property, you need to visit the local building permit office to find out if you need a permit. Even if your renovations are relatively simple, you might still need a permit for the work. If you fail to do this and end up needing a permit, you will be paying a lot more fines and fees than if you got the permit in the first place. If you already have a contractor in place for the remodeling, they should also be able to help you with permits.

Prepare a Detailed Schedule and Timeline

If you were remodeling your own residence, you wouldn't need to nail down such a detailed timeline of renovations, but it is really important with commercial buildings. This isn't just about what you will do during the remodeling process, but you need to think about your employees, customers, clients, and vendors as all of their jobs might potentially be affected. Talk with your contractor about how long it will realistically take and discuss a timeline. Once you have done this, you will be able to give advanced notice to everyone who might be affected by the renovations.

Try to Keep Your Business Open During Renovations

This might be a tricky one, depending on the type of renovations you are doing, but it can benefit everyone if you are able to stay open. For example, if you sell products to other businesses, their business could be in jeopardy if suddenly you have to close up shop for days or weeks at a time for the remodeling. In order to stay open, ask the contractors to work on just one small area of the building at a time. This allows the rest of the building to be open for employees, customers, and clients. It might take some rearranging but it can be worth it. When this isn't an option, try to get the majority of the work done during evenings and weekends. Make sure if your business stays open, you provide alternative entrances and parking if needed.

Rent a Skip Bin For Hauling Away Waste

Since your business might be open during renovations, you don't want a lot of waste laying around as the work is getting done. This is not only unsanitary and hard to look at, but can also be dangerous for any visitors or workers. The best thing you can do is keep up with hauling away waste and getting it out of the building by renting a skip bin. Keep it in the parking lot or behind your storage room or warehouse and bring out waste to the bin on a regular basis. The commercial bin hire company will then pick it up when renovations are complete or when the bin is full.