How to Avoid Polluting the Stormwater Drainage System Around Your Carwash

21 June 2016
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Stormwater refers to the liquid that flows on the ground when snow melts or when there is rain. This stormwater eventually finds its way into water bodies, such as streams and lakes. Polluted stormwater can have adverse effects on aquatic life and the food chain. This article discusses how you can prevent pollution from your carwash from getting into your stormwater drainage system.

Set Up Containment Pads

One way to prevent pollutants, such as oil and detergents, from getting into the stormwater drainage system is to have containment pads on your facility. These containment pads can be ponds where all the water from cleaning processes can be channeled for treatment before it can be recycled or discharged into the drainage system.

Have Absorbents Handy

Chances are high that spills will occur at your carwash as different cars are brought for cleaning. Such spills may include oil leaks from defective vehicles. Over time, such spills can build up and raise the level of pollution getting into the stormwater drainage of your carwash. You can prevent that build up of pollutants by using absorbent materials to soak up any spills as soon as they are noticed. Those soaked absorbent materials can then be dumped in a container prepared for the safe disposal of the pollutants that they contain.

Install a Filtration System

Another way to reduce the amount of pollutants getting into the stormwater drainage system is to set up an appropriate filtration system. For instance, you can set up a media filtration system at the point where the stormwater enters the stormwater drainage system. The media may be materials such as sand or stones. Such a filtration system will remove particulates and some microorganisms from the stormwater. This can prevent problems, such as algae blooms, that can result when stormwater contains high levels of pollutants.

Train Your Staff

Spill reduction plans and containment pads may have a limited effect if your staff does not have the skills to be proactive in minimising the magnitude of the pollutants that get into the stormwater drainage system on your property. It is therefore advisable for you to invest in training all your staff so that they make pollution management an integral part of how they perform their daily tasks.

Some jurisdictions may have strict regulations that can be used to prosecute any carwash owners who allow pollutants from their facilities to get into stormwater drainage systems. You should therefore contact professionals for help in designing a stormwater drainage system that removes pollutants from the water before it is discharged into the water bodies in your area.