Pool renovations for a personalised look

24 May 2016
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A pool is a luxurious addition to any home, and is a great place for both exercise and recreation. If you've bought a new home with a pool, you haven't been in charge of the pool's design. This is when you might want to have some pool renovations done. There are loads of changes you can make that are cheap and doesn't take very much of your time, but that can completely alter the look of your pool to fit your preferences.


Lighting is an easy installation that changes the look of your pool drastically. Installing LED-lights in the colours you prefer underwater makes the whole pool light up. You can also install spotlights on the ground next to the pool to increase its visibility at night. LED units are easy to install when it comes to underwater applications. They also don't give off any heat and last for a long time. You could also opt for a LED light strand that you attach to the side of the pool. Just remember that this option is less durable than installing single units, as the units are installed inside the pool wall while a strand is just being attached to it.


Another common pool renovation people like to do is to install handrails to their pool. This makes the pool safer and is a very good renovation option if you have children that are going to use the pool. You should avoid getting handrails made from shiny metal, as they can become very hot and cause people to burn themselves on them if it's sunny outside. You should also avoid wooden handrails if you don't want to maintain them regularly with sealant to keep them water resistant. Opt for powder coated metal to avoid burns and excessive maintenance.


A pool resurfacing is a bit larger project, as it means you'll change the interior of your pool. This is, however, necessary if the pool to the house you've bought has become worn. You might also want to resurface the pool just to fit your aesthetic preferences. Stone tiles are usually the cheaper option, and can come in a variety of colours and shapes. For a more luxurious look and long life length, you can opt for glass tiles. This is one of the more expensive options, but can make it worth it by not having to be replaced or repaired as often as other options. 

For assistance, talk to a pool renovation professional.