Choosing Tonneau Covers For Your Ute

18 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The cargo tray at the back of your ute can expose the contents or cargo to the outdoor elements if it's left open. The cargo can be subject to moisture damage and corrosion. Items that are not secured perfectly will start shifting on the bed and may be damaged in the process. Some of the cargo, especially the lighter ones can be blown away by strong winds or may fall off in rough terrain. The solution is to invest in tonneau covers. However, these covers are available in multiple styles and types, meaning that finding the right one for your ute may not be simple. To help you, here are some things you should have in mind when looking for the covers.


Security is important when it comes to choosing tonneau covers for your ute. The covers come in two major types, which are soft top and hard top covers. For security purposes, hard top tonneau covers are the best option because they are more difficult to remove. Hard covers are made from strong components and they come with features such as integrated locking points for extra security. You can choose lids for your hard covers from a wide range of options including fibreglass, aluminium frame, roll top, and aluminium canister among others. Whichever option you choose, it will serve well to ensure that your cargo is well protected.

Ease of Operation

How easily can you use the cover? Utes are used for various purposes, and if you are the person to remove and install covers regularly, you will have to choose a type that you can remove with ease. Therefore, if you are more concerned about the ease of operation rather than the security of your cargo, hard tonneau covers may not be the best choice. This is simply because they won't be removed easily, which can inconvenience you if you haul oversized loads regularly. A soft tonneau cover will work best here. They roll up easily, giving you quick access to your items or cargo.

Aesthetic Value

If you want to base your decision on the looks of the covers, you should consider hard tonneau covers. Most of them offer a much cleaner and appealing look than a majority of their soft cover counterparts.

However, if you still prefer soft covers but you are concerned about the aesthetic appeal, go for those with unique features such as shrink and fade resistant materials, clip on, and no drill attachments. For more information, talk to a professional like Nans Tarps.