Home Additions That May Actually Add Value to Your Home

11 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you and your family seem to have outgrown your current home, you might not need to sell it just yet. A home addition can give you the space you need to live comfortably, and some might even add value to your home if you should decide to sell it down the road. Note a few ideas for home additions that you might discuss with a contractor or even a real estate agent to see how they might increase your home's resale value.

1. Home office

Many people today are working out of their home or are taking work home with them or are running their own businesses out of their own home. A home office can be very necessary, as it means privacy from the family so you can concentrate on work, keep yourself organized, and be able to have confidential conversations with customers and clients. A home office doesn't need to be very big, but you can create a space with windows for added comfort, all the storage your office space needs, and upgraded electrical and data cabling for office machines and internet access.

2. Expanded kitchen

If you can expand your kitchen area with your home addition, this may very well be appreciated by many potential homebuyers down the road; large, expansive kitchens are almost always sought out by buyers. You might add another row of cabinets and counters or add a breakfast nook that a family would appreciate.

3. Garage

An expanded garage can be used for a variety of things and not just storing cars. If you were to expand the garage, and especially add an attachment to a detached garage so that it's now attached to the home, this can mean a convenient workspace for hobbies and home improvement projects. New homebuyers may also appreciate the added space for storage, a motorcycle or ATV, and the like. 

4. Adding a bathroom

Having additional bathrooms, even if it's just a small washroom without a shower area, can often add value to a home. Families especially often appreciate an added bath that can be used when others are occupied, and having another bathroom on the first floor can mean added comfort and convenience for guests. This can be especially true if your home has a pool or already has a theater room in the back; adding a bathroom next to this area allows guests and even the family to easily use the facilities without walking through the rest of the home.

For more information about these and other options for home additions, contact local contractors.