Can The Construction Of Eco-Homes Get Any Cheaper?

11 May 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


The concept of eco-building is increasingly gaining popularity with a large number of prospective new homeowners. An eco-home is defined as a housing unit whose construction and life-cycle reduce the use of building materials and related resources without compromising on the comfort that homeowners commonly associate with being at home.

There are various ways through which the cost of building an eco-home can be made more affordable than it already is in the modern setting. This article discusses some of these cost-reduction strategies for the benefit of interested prospective homeowners.

Simplification Of Eco-Home Plans And Designs

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of constructing an eco-home is for the homeowner to settle for less-complicated house plans that translate to simpler house designs. Examples of features that might be found in simpler eco-home plans include single low-pitched roofing systems and fewer gable ends enclosing the roofing system.

A simpler plan reduces the amount of work involved in the construction of an eco-home. A prospective homeowner can use this as an effective bargaining chip for a reduction in labour fees as quoted by a general contractor.

It is important to point out that eco-homes with simpler designs are not in any way inferior to those constructed using complex house plans. It all boils down to a homeowner's personal preference.

In addition to reducing the initial cost of eco-home construction, the use of simpler house plans also brings down the cost of on-going eco-home maintenance.

Shared Facilities And Shared Infrastructure

Eco-homes are seldom built as stand-alone units in a residential area. In a large number of cases, these homes are built in specially designated areas surrounded by similar homes. Thus, prospective new homeowners become part of a wider community of like-minded eco-home owners.

Prospective new homeowners can bring down their construction budget by agreeing to share common infrastructure and certain facilities with fellow eco-home owners. The common infrastructure and facilities referred to include laundry and garden areas, storage spaces around the homes and various other social spaces.  

Homeowners who choose to do this get to save on the cost of eco-home construction while retaining the individual privacy of their living quarters.

The Use Of Existing Structures

Many times, homeowner will want to have existing structures demolished before the construction of their eco-home begins. Contrary to popular opinion, the construction of an eco-home is not done using "green" building materials only.

As such, homeowners should insist on the use of existing structures (when available) onto which "green" building materials will be introduced and incorporated so as to improve the insulation, energy efficiency and aesthetic value of the final eco-home. Homeowners who choose to do this stand to make considerable savings on the cost of eco-home construction.

For more information about eco-homes and design choices you may want to make, contact local contractors.