Why You Need to Waterproof Your Home's Basement and Foundation Regularly

10 May 2016
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No matter the age and condition of your home, you should consider waterproofing the basement and foundation regularly. There are many very good reasons for protecting your home this way; understanding the benefits of waterproofing might convince you to get it done as needed. Note a few of the reasons why it is so important to regularly waterproof the basement and foundation, and then discuss this option with a contractor if you still need more information.

1. A home will shift and settle over time

Every home shifts and settles over time as the ground on which it is built shifts. This shifting is typically very minor and you may not notice it yourself, but it can cause minor cracks in the foundation and the basement floor. In turn, water can seep in and cause damage to the concrete and other building materials. It's important that you continue to waterproof your home's basement and foundation over the years so that you can fill in these small cracks and keep out as much water as possible.

2. A builder's waterproofing may not last

A builder may waterproof the basement and foundation of a new home, but the materials they use do not last indefinitely. In some cases, builders may also use the cheapest waterproofing material and the fastest method possible to get the home built and ready to be occupied. In turn, their work and the materials may not be of the highest quality. This is why it's good to have any and all homes waterproofed regularly, as even new homes may be prone to water that gets through waterproofing sealant that was haphazardly applied.

3. Floods

You may not have had your basement flood ever before, so you may not think it's much of a risk for your home. However, it only takes one burst plumbing pipe, one broken hot water heater or one major storm in your area for your basement to flood. The water might sit for hours if not days before you can get a sump pump into the basement and clean it out; in that time, it may actually settle into small cracks and pores of the concrete and cause the material to soften. This moisture can also allow mold and mildew to eventually grow and this can damage the rest of your home's building materials. Even if your home's flood risk is somewhat small, it's good to invest in waterproofing before it happens rather than trying to address the damage after a flood.

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