How Graffiti Privacy Film Could Benefit Your Business

10 May 2016
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In some areas, vandalism and graffiti can be real problem for small business owners.  Damage is often caused to windows in the form of spray painted 'tags' or etchings, causing unwanted expense and hassle for business owners.  If your premises are repeatedly targeted by vandals, graffiti privacy window films could be the solution to your problem.  Read on to find out how anti-graffiti privacy film can benefit your business.

What is anti-graffiti privacy window film?

Anti-graffiti privacy film is a thin plastic material that adheres to glass via a quick-release adhesive.  The film can be transparent, opaque, textured or patterned, depending on the effect that you want to achieve.  The film is designed to be temporary and can be easily and quickly removed when required, without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Anti-graffiti window film is designed to protect your windows from damage by etching, scratching, paint, and marker pen. 

How could anti-graffiti privacy film benefit your business?

Anti-graffiti privacy film can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways.

Easy cleaning of your windows

Anti-graffiti privacy film is formulated using a special coating that makes the removal of paint and marker pen very straightforward.  This means that rather than having to spend money on expensive specialist cleaning products, you can simply wash the mess away with standard household cleaners.

No need to replace damaged windows

If your windows are subjected to more serious vandalism, such as scratching or etching, the anti-graffiti privacy film works as a sacrificial barrier.  This means that you can simply peel away the film to reveal your undamaged windows beneath and replace it, thus saving you the considerable hassle and expense of replacing your windows.

Burglary prevention

Anti-graffiti privacy film is designed to reinforce the glass window that it is attached to, as well as to protect it.  This means that it is extremely difficult for a would-be burglar to smash the window in order to gain entry to your premises.  Consequently, your existing security arrangements are enhanced and your business is protected from loss due to theft, which could also result in increased insurance premiums.

Additional benefits

As well as protecting your windows, anti-graffiti privacy film can be used to provide a barrier to other surfaces such as marble, plastic, and steel.  This can mean that any such surfaces in your premises are protected from accidental damage, saving you having to spend money on costly repairs or replacement.

In conclusion

Anti-graffiti privacy film can provide many benefits for your business premises.  Ask your local window specialist for more information.