Why Choose a Labour Hire Company to Manage Your Staffing Needs?

2 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you own any type of company, then you probably already know how difficult it is to manage your hiring and firing needs. Choosing a labour hire company to manage this for you can be the right decision; note a few reasons why that is and why they can offer you more benefits versus managing your staffing needs on your own.

1. Immediate and temporary hire

In some cases, you may only need a temporary person to fill in for someone who is on long-term leave, or you may need an immediate hire for certain staffing needs. Trying to find someone the day before they're needed can be difficult, but having a good labour hire company on call can solve that problem. They usually have a bank of candidates they can call at the last minute, and have already tested them, trained them on certain equipment, verified their right to work in the country, and so on. Rather than trying to go without the personnel you need for just short-term work or for when you need them at a moment's notice, consider a labour hire company instead.

2. Updated testing and training

The computer programs used in an office and the equipment used in a production facility or on a construction site change constantly, and trying to find qualified candidates who have recently been tested on these can be a challenge. Even for office workers, taking the time to administer updated tests for computer programs and the like can be tedious and take away from time needed to run your business. A labour hire company will be able to perform testing on their candidates once they apply for jobs so that you know they have recently proven their skills on the computer or on certain equipment. This will ensure you are only getting qualified candidates for any job no matter how new your computer programs or other equipment.

3. Turnover

You may need to have regular turnover of staff if your staffing needs are not constant. In construction and contracting, you may not need staff during the off-season or while you're looking for new customers. Some offices may only need seasonal workers if they're in the industry of travel and tourism. Whatever your reasons for a high turnover, having a staffing company manage the firing or temporary layoffs of workers can be better, as the personnel may be given other assignments through the hiring company. They may also not be expecting a permanent position with your company when they're still working for the labour hire company.  

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