How do you go about renting a skip bin?

28 April 2016
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Completing home renovations allows you make improvements like installing new flooring, adding an extra room, or splitting one large room into two smaller rooms. When you start renovating, you will end up with a lot of materials that need to be thrown away. It helps to have a skip bin, which is a dumpster that you keep on your property until renovations are over. Here are some things you will do when you want to rent one.

Find Out if You Need a Permit

Some cities will require you to have a permit in order to park the skip bin in front of your house since it might be in the way of city vehicles like mail trucks or garbage trucks. It can also be a burden for your neighbors who aren't able to park there. Your local building office will help you decide if you need a permit and how to go about getting one. In many cases, the permit is required if you need to park the dumpster on the street but not if you have enough room for it on your driveway.

Consider What Size You Need

There are multiple sizes based on how much waste you might end up with. For example, the largest sizes are often for major renovations, while smaller sizes are good when doing minor remodeling like renovating a bathroom or installing new flooring tiles. Consider the amount of materials you will be disposing of, not counting materials to recycle, since they will likely not end up in the skip bin. If you aren't sure about the size you need, let the skip bin company know what renovations you are doing and what materials you are working with. They should be able to give you some recommendations.

Choose How Long to Have the Bin For

You have two main options for deciding how long you want to have the bin; keep the bin on your property for the entire length of renovations, or only rent it when you are done with the renovations and simply need to throw everything out and have the bin picked right back up. The longer you have it, the more expensive it is going to be, so keep that in mind. It is often more convenient to just keep it on your property during the renovations from beginning to end, so if you know the project is going to last one week, you know approximately how long you will need the bin for.

For more information about skip bins, contact a local rental company.