Plumbing Fittings: Material Options for Your Home System

22 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When performing upgrades and repairs of your home plumbing system, you will need to purchase new fittings. Basically, a fitting is any element that can be utilised in connecting the piping system or even tube sections in the plumbing network. You should be diligent when shopping for the right product for your home. The quality and integrity of the fittings will determine the durability and general performance of the supply and drainage systems. If they fail, the pertinent joints will be broken and the subsequent water damage can be extensive. Here are the primary types of plumbing fittings with regard to materials to consider for your home.


Copper fittings are popular in the market because the material is strong and resilient. It can withstand high water pressure and even mechanical impact without distortion. In addition, the piping can handle hot water without damage or deformation, and this is a favourable characteristic for residential systems. This type of fitting is ideal for your home if you have a copper or brass piping network. If copper fittings are not ideal for your budget and you have this type of system, consider getting bronze or brass-bodied alternatives. These are cheaper and will perform as desired after installation.


Polyvinyl chloride fittings are ideal for installation in most plastic piping networks. The material is hardwearing and strong, so it will provide prolonged service in both supply and drainage systems. In addition, PVC fittings are cheap compared to other plastic materials, so you can reduce your repair and upgrade costs. On the other hand, PVC is sensitive to temperature and the fitting will deform when exposed to very hot water. Therefore, if you want a product that can handle such adverse conditions, consider choosing CPVC. This is a variant which is treated with extra chlorine for better structural integrity. It can handle higher temperature and even pressure without sustaining damage.


Cross-linked polyethylene is a popular plastic in the fabrication of pipes and plumbing fittings in the modern market. The material is compatible with other plastics, so it is an ideal alternative to PVC. PEX fittings can be used in pipes conveying both hot and cold water. You can even install these products to the piping network that connects to the water heater or boiler. Additionally, PEX fittings are easy to install, highly flexible and relatively low inexpensive for residential usage.

There are other fitting materials in the market, including galvanised steel, carbon steel and even fibre-reinforced plastic. Therefore, consider all compatible plumbing supplies before final purchase.