Never Put These Things Down the Drain

22 April 2016
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While you might already know the basics of home plumbing and what not to put down the drain, just as not trying to flush paper towels or feminine products, there may be other things that end up down the drain without knowing better. Here are some different types of things to make sure you never try to put down the drain or into the garbage disposal.

Oil and Grease

Unfortunately, a common mistake made with kitchen drains is putting oil or grease down the drain. You might have a pan that you used for cooking and wash it in the sink without wiping down the grease first. This is going to quickly lead to issues because anything that is greasy will stick to the edges of the pipes. Ultimately, it leads to a clog that requires help from a professional plumber. Make sure you never put any type of oil, grease or fat down the drain, including cooking oil, butter or margarine, or oily foods. If there is oil and grease on the pan, wipe it off with a paper towel and throw the towel away before washing the pan.

Toxic Chemicals and Liquids

There are some chemicals and liquids that you might not realize are dangerous for your home's plumbing system. Some items are actually toxic, while others are hazardous chemicals that could lead to issues when the liquids are in the drain. For example, don't put any auto liquids into the drains, including antifreeze, transmission or brake fluid, fuel, or motor oil. You also want to avoid beauty liquids like nail polish remover or nail polish, and home products like paint, stripper, turpentine, and solvents.

Certain Food Items

While the garbage disposal should be able to handle a variety of foods, not all food scraps can be put down the drain. For example, avoid putting stringy or dense foods into the drain, such as celery, lettuce, and fruit or vegetable peels. You also want to avoid putting cracked eggs hells in the sink drain, which is a very common mistake. While the disposal can break up the shells, the membrane often wraps around parts of the plumbing system and leads to a clog. Never put seeds or puts into the drain, such as by putting in cherries. Make sure no bones go into the drain or garbage disposal.

If you have a clog or any questions about what you can and can't put down the drain, contact a local plumber.