Two Major Tips for Choosing the Correct Acrow Prop Sizes

21 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Acrow props are some of the most essential tools used in construction. These tools are usually used for applications that require temporary support during construction. In using acrow props, it is important to find the right sizes when procuring one. Choosing the appropriate size will ensure that the equipment offers the right support so that your project is a success. If you choose a wrong one, you could be increasing the risks of damages and injuries caused by improper support. With several sizes to choose from, you need to be careful in your decision to find the perfect one for the job.

For this reason, here are guidelines to help you find the right-size acrow props to use for your construction project.

Identify the Propping/Shoring Height Correctly

While this might seem like a basic thing that you already know, you'd be surprised at how easy it can be to make a mistake when choosing the size of the acrow prop. For instance, because of price, you may want to use props that are too short and make up the gap by having your workers put the prop on top of wood blocks or bricks. This is dangerous and not advisable because the pieces of support you add as well as the short-sized acrow prop may not offer the correct support required.

Similarly, the prop shouldn't be too high. That is, the height of a fully collapsed acrow prop shouldn't be more than the propping height itself because this won't allow for enough adjustments on the prop in case of a slight variation on the site, such as a change in the shoring area. Therefore, if you estimate the propping height and realise that it's equivalent or it's on the limit of a fully collapsed acrow prop, consider selecting the next size down to.

Estimate the Load/Weight That the Prop Has to Bear

Different acrow prop sizes can support different weights. Therefore, to help reduce the duration and costs of construction without compromising the safety of your workers, keep this in mind when choosing an acrow prop for your building or renovation applications. Consult responsible persons such as your engineer concerning judgement on the probable weight of all the overhead structures. The weight of these overhead structures will help your engineer know the loads that are to be supported.

Remember that depending on how the acrow prop is set, the load it supports may vary. For instance, if set at an angle, the amount of load that the prop can support may reduce.