Signs of Impending Roof Repairs You Should Never Ignore

21 April 2016
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For some homeowners, the last thing they will thing about when it comes to maintenance of their residence is the roof. This is usually because some people believe that since the roof is supposed to last for a significant period of time, it is immune to succumbing to wear and tear. The truth of the matter though is that although roofing is supposed to be durable, it does not mean it will not require maintenance services from time to time to keep it in pristine condition. Failure to engage in maintenance services makes your roofing more susceptible to acquiring damage. Here are some of the signs of impending roof repairs that you should never ignore.

Your roof exhibits signs of sagging 

If your roof has started sagging, it will show signs of this both indoors and outdoors. Typically, sagging occurs when the roof's rafters start becoming heavy, which cause them to lower. This increased weight on the rafters is usually caused when your roof is exposed to excessive moisture. Since most rafters are made from wood, they absorb this moisture and begin to sag. A sagging roof is also an indicator of a leak in your roof as water must be seeping through the roof to reach the rafters. Enlisting the services of roofing contractors would be prudent if you would like to save your roofing.

Your roof's flashing is compromised

Flashing refers to the material used to seal seams and edges on your roofing. In older structures, this flashing was made from either cement or tar. However, although flashing works to protect your roof from water seeping into it, the flashing is not immune to acquiring damage due to exposure to the elements. As such, you will find that flashing will begin to form cracks over time. Cement flashing may even begin to start crumbling off your roofing. If you notice that your flashing has become compromised, you should enlist the services of roofing contractors to replace it with modern metallic flashing. This tends to have a higher resistance to the elements when compared to tar or cement.

Your roof exhibits signs of corrosion

For various parts of your roof to stay in place, roofing contractor will use metal fittings and fasteners to secure them. The first place to look for signs of corrosion would be on your roof's gutters. If the gutters are not redirecting water, as they should, then the fasteners holding the gutters in place will start rusting. This is hazardous as the water collecting in the gutters can also cause the sides of your roof begin to rust too. If you have metal roofing, it will only be a matter of time before your require full roof replacement. To avoid the exorbitant costs of having to purchase a new roof, any signs of corrosion should be addressed post haste.