How To Keep Your Shed Organised

21 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Once you've got your new shed, you won't want to let it get out of hand--but all too often that's exactly what happens, leaving you with a disorganised space that's no use at all. To help you get the most out of your shed and keep it from turning into a disaster area, here are a few expert tips on best practice for shed organisation .

The most important thing of all: don't forget about your wall space.

You'll want to make as much use as you can of every inch of space in your shed--including the walls and the ceiling! Hooks suspended from the roof of your shed can be a good place for hoses and spare garden planters, while adjustable shelving can be used to cover every inch of your shed walls in new surface area. Don't forget that you can hang shelves above windows and on the backs of doors for even more room. If the highest shelves would be too far away for you to reach, wall-mount a stepladder rather than having it occupy precious floor space. Look for drawer units rather than stacks of plastic boxes that you have to unpile to get inside; it'll be much easier on you later.

It's not just indoor space, either! Think about which of your tools can safely brave the elements--and hang them up on the outside walls of your shed. Spades, forks and other long-handled garden tools can look quite good this way, even turning it into a design feature of your garden.

Think laterally for smart, practical organisation.

Once you've found all your space, you'll want to maximise it--and there are plenty of tricks for doing just that. Small garden tools can be stored on magnetic racks for easy access, while wall-mounted spindles are a great way to make it easy to get at your garden twines and wires. Hooks for hoses and handled tools don't have to be on the wall--by mounting them to the bottoms or edges of shelves you'll discover even more new space you didn't know you had. Wall cabinets can have hooks attached to their doors and sides, and old window-boxes mounted on the back of the shed door are a good way to keep the things you use most often right on hand.

In a small space like a shed, you need everything to be pulling its weight. If you'd like to have seating in there, make sure it's the kind that opens up to double as a chest; if you have a table, get one you can fit as many wheeled boxes under as possible.

There are plenty of ways to keep your new shed looking good and serving you well--you just need to put a little thought in!