4 improvements you really shouldn't DYI

21 January 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The DYIng culture has practically exploded over the last few years. Homeowners are continually gaining the interest of improving their homes and fixing faults on their own. DYI equipment is becoming more readily available, thereby further encouraging this practice. But this explosion of DYI projects has also brought forth a negative side effect. People are also engaging in projects that they shouldn't do themselves. This is normally because such projects could be really dangerous or any mistakes could make the result inefficient. Here are some of the few.

Gas plumbing

One of the projects that you need to lay off is gas line plumbing. Working with gas pipes is very different from piecing together hose pipes. Gas and fuel lines can be really dangerous, and a slight mistake can make your home end up in a serious explosion. Worse still, you could lose your life. Once gas starts leaking off your pipe, a spark could blow up the whole house. If you think you need to move a gas line, then call the professionals to check it out. The risks you'll be taking are not worth the consequences if they occur.

Rerouting electrical wires

Another definite no-no is dealing with electrical wires. It's not a coincidence that electricians are put through rigorous training that lasts years before they can do their job right. Electrical wires are dangerous, and there may be leaks even when you switch off the power. Electricians are well equipped to handle any uncertainties and also trained to ensure they do the work efficiently. So other than fixing a light bulb, call a professional if you require any help.

Porcelain ceiling removal

These kinds of ceilings were once popular ages ago, so you'll only find them in the old houses. But what makes this project one for the pros is the fact that the ceiling could contain asbestos, a product that is very dangerous. Before getting rid of the popcorn ceilings, send a sample to a lab first. If there's asbestos, don't make any attempt of disturbing the ceiling. Any disturbance could set the asbestos dust free and cause you to inhale it. Call a certified asbestos removal company.

Repairing windows

This may come as a surprise but window repairing is also a part that you shouldn't do yourself. Windows are a part of the home that controls its energy efficiency. Don't go performing repairs, particularly on double or triple glazed windows. Making the wrong move can really harm their efficiency. and once the gases sandwiched between the panes escape, they become useless. Moreover, trying to repair a window can also lead to injuries when they shatter.